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Raw Materials, Equipment, and Services

Matrix Enterprises was founded in 1985 and brings over 40 years experience to the service of materials related industries. We specialize in working with suppliers and customers to bring the best materials and equipment possible together to make new advances for the future. Thus we insure that current technology is bridged to the future.

Matrix Enterprises is committed to providing the highest quality raw materials and equipment available to the industries it serves. We will advise on the use and technical aspects of these materials and equipment. Our service is to our customers.

Matrix Enterprises has served, primarily, Ceramic related Industries in the past. We now serve in addition all Industries that need to non-destructively find or use the Elastic Properties of materials they encounter. These include Manufacturing QA/QC facilities, Research Institutes, Repair facilities that need to have Elastic Properties of materials determined non-destructively, Academic Institutions for teaching and research, and any other facility that needs to use non-destructive testing to determine properties or quality of products.

Fred W. Stover
Phone/FAX +419/878-0001
E-Mail: info@matrix-ent.com